Heaven Head Treatment Masque.

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Our Heaven Head Treatment Masque is an intensive conditioning hair treatment that moisturise, protect and restores your hair. Made up of a variety of potent moisturising ingredients such as oils, butters, botanicals and wax designed to penetrate the hair shaft over time. Apply before the shampoo as it contains a much heavier concentration of emollients that needs to be followed by a cleanser to remove residue product.

On that note, does your hair type fall under the categories listed below?

✨Afro or Kinky Hair~ Let us talk 4a, 4b, 4c and throw in the type 3s while at it!. You probably already know this but the price of having gravity-defying, curvaceous hair is that it tends to run dry. The collier the hair, the harder it is for the sebum to travel down your hair shaft to provide that much needed protection. Not to mention that each bend can also be a weak point in the hair shaft. Fortunately, the Heaven Head Treatment Masque was made for you and you should be able to see an immediate improvement that only gets better with regular use.

✨Thin or Fine Hair~ Depending on your unique head of hair you might find detangling and styling a breeze! But if you have problems with single strand knots or breakage it can be due to your hair strands being slimmer or lighter in numbers. Our hair masque bulks on your resistance to damage allowing your hair to flourish.

✨Dry, Damaged or Frizzy Hair ~ Sometimes the hair is naturally dry, whilst others have the moisture manually sucked out of it! Either way, ensuring that your hair can hold onto as much moisture as possible is your highest priority. Heaven Head Treatment Masque will restore your natural barrier – soothing down the cuticle for soft, shiny and healthier looking hair.

Now you are in the know, does your hair fall under the categories listed above?, if yes, getting a jar is an essential part of your hair wash routine.


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