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Our Story

Double C Products a hair and skin care brand that deals in high quality, natural products, ranging from creams, and soaps to body butters and hair accessories.

We have hundreds of testimonials from satisfied clients and our clientele base continues to thrive on a daily basis. We are determined to ensure that we provide high quality, natural, safe and affordable designed to deal with different cosmetic concerns such as psoriasis, pre mature balding, stunted growth, acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks and any other form of blemishes; while still promoting healthy cosmetic routines.

All our ingredients are carefully selected and tested to offer the best results without compromising the health of your cosmetic beauty in any way. At double C products we believe that everyone deserves Healthy hair and skin.

Empowering people with lived experience. Creating job opportunities for black youths keeps us going because if we filled this gap then we would have a positive impact on the spread of human trafficking.
We look forward to when the African Dream will become a reality because being born African is being born Rich.

Our mission is to provide natural long term cosmetic solutions that meet and exceed service expectations; all these ensuring that they are of high quality, natural, safe and affordable.

1. Natural Products:

Our ingredients are all natural and processes are carefully done to ensure we deliver quality. By natural, we mean that we do not incorporate lab chemicals in our products, we 100% depend on mother nature to provide the ingredients.

2. Affordability of products.

Hair and Skin care can be an expensive affair especially if you are buying ineffective products, therefore we keep our products affordable to clients without compromising on quality. We maintain pocket-friendly prices for all our products. You don’t have to suffer dandruff or acne because you cannot afford self care products. We got your back… or cosmetics in this case.

3.Simplicity and effectiveness.

The reason we go all natural is to offer an effective solution to self care. We ensure this by having ingredients that have high benefits and look to keep it that way. You have a scalp or skin problem, just check our catalog and we will have the product you need, if not just email us.

4. Restore beauty and confidence.

Having cosmetic problems makes one dull and shy in public, our objective is to offer products that restore confidence so you can boldly appear in public without fear or judgment. Your reviews, comments and suggestions are our guidelines that way we provide much needed solutions to your cosmetic-related issues.

5.Increase corporate value

Be a recognizable brand to all and sundry. We look to be at the top of your head when you get a cosmetic issue, or want to help a friend. Quality and effectiveness will speak for the brand and customers will be our biggest brand ambassadors.

6.Provide quality

We ensure beneficial ingredients are used in product making and the necessary tests are done. From the raw materials to packaging, all our processes are quality assured and we put emphasis on providing world class natural products for our customers.

Our History

We understand the struggle with finding quality hair and skin products and we are here to help you do away with that. We look to end your brand hopping days from one cosmetic brand to another and to put a stop to those endless visits for consultation trying to get effective products suited for you.

Founded in November 2017, double C products got into the make-up industry with intensions to help my grandmother put food on the table, it was a very basic hustle since it was purely for survival until my grandmother saw the potential in me and encouraged me to venture into entrepreneurship purposefully.

In November 2019, we successfully got a physical shop in the central business district in Nairobi and transitioned into the saturated organic hair and skin care industry in January 2020. We have since bent on offering quality, natural, safe and affordable beauty products.

We started with a fairly small customer reach and with time we begun getting testimonials and positive product reviews from clients which captured our success.Over the years we have made progress and gained clients all over the country and even across boarders in Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, United Kingdom and America.

We have also acquired a supportive community of customers and a loyal following across social media platforms especially on Facebook and Instagram; these are our biggest brand ambassadors and we have grown to love and appreciate them for supporting our brand.