Rich Hair Heat Protecting Lotion.

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If you use heat styling tools on your hair, you really need to be using a heat protector for hair, here’s why. Every time you use a flat iron, hair dryer or curling iron you’re using heat to set your style. And while that heat can help mold your hair into the shape you want, it also potentially damages the outer layer of your hair. That could be the reason you’re seeing hair breakage, split ends or areas of your hair that look like a completely different color.

What happens to hair when it’s heat styled?
Heat doesn’t just style your hair; it actually changes its structure. “Heat exposure can cause color shift on the hair, cuticle damage, and alteration to the proteins, hair is made up of different proteins, with keratin making up the majority. “Exposing that keratin to heat can lead to the protein becoming denatured, which basically means its irreparably altered.”

What are heat protectants and why do we need them?
Heat protectants are designed to aid in the protection of your hair from the damage that comes while using heat. Think of it as a primer for hair that helps you get smooth, shiny hair. They work by imparting a lightweight film on top of the cuticle, which essentially acts as a layer of defense in combatting the effects of heat styling.” And that film is a good thing. “The film that’s left on your hair works to slow down heat conduction and distribute the heat that you are using more evenly across the hair shaft.” And while heat stylers don’t have magical powers, they do prevent hair from getting too hot. In fact, when you use a heat protectant while styling, like our Rich Hair Heat Protectant Lotion, “hair will heat up in a slower, more gentle manner.”


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