Anti Dandruff Gel.

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Dandruff is caused by an allergy to oleic acid.
The oleic acid on your scalp is formulated by the excretions of a fungus called Malassezia.

This fungus feeds on the oil and dust build-up on the scalp. While there is not a real cure for the allergy that causes flaking, our Antidandruff gel has successfully been able to eliminate the intensity of which your scalp flakes, clears it and prevent future recurrence getting to experience a dandruff free scalp.

We highly recommend getting the complete Antidandruff combo as you will not need a second set once you use the first one, all we advise is for you to look for a way of keeping your scalp clean, hygienic and completely free of any kind of oil and dust build-up that can give rise to dandruff again.

Neem- Detoxifies the scalp.
Fenugreek- Removes the white flakes from scalp.
Citric Acid- Fights dandruff and balances the scalp’s pH curbing the growth of fungus on the scalp as well.
Amla- The ultimate solution for its vitamin C presence helps permanently remove dandruff.


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