Aggie’s Crown Influence Daily Drops.

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Aggie’s Crown Influence Daily Drops is infused with ayurvedic herbs which visibly improve the health and appearance of your hair, including stimulating hair growth, reducing split ends and breakage, strengthening and moisturising hair and so much more.

In this ayurvedic approach to hair care we utilised botanical material such as herbs, and flowers to improve and maintain the health of your hair. Derived from the ancient Indian medicine system that focuses on a holistic approach to managing health. The natural therapeutic properties of herbs impact a variety of factors such as hair growth, dandruff and scalp issues, thinning and shedding, elasticity, moisture and the overall condition of your hair.

This ayurvedic hair oil is a type of herbal oil made by infusing a carrier oil with ayurvedic botanical extracts. A selection of ayurvedic herbs were combined with plant oils to create a herbal oil treatment with unique benfits for your hair. Please note that while this ayurvedic oil has been primarily targeted at hair concerns, many of its benefits also apply to skincare. There are two primary methods to infuse oil: hot infusion and cold infusion, in this recipe we use cold infusion method.

This hair oil is an infused herbal oil with properties that target some of the most common areas of concern for hair. As a starting point, this ayurvedic hair oil recipe combines powerful herbs and flowers to tackle common hair issues such as: hair growth, shedding, strengthening, moisturising and breakage.

Best used right after braiding or plaiting your hair into any style.


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